Where Fashion Meets Wellness

By PEDRAMIN VAZIRI Owner of Soulex Float Spa

Forget fleeting trends and mass-produced garments.

Her Soul is an exquisite dance between the artistry of Ashraf Valliani, a pioneer in conscious luxury fashion, and the transformative power of Pedramin Vaziri’s Soulex Float Spa. It’s a journey where your wardrobe becomes an extension of your inner sanctuary, and every outfit a whispered promise of confidence and well-being.

Ashraf, a master weaver of dreams, imbues each piece with the soul of craftsmanship. Her handmade creations transcend mere fabric, blossoming into whispered affirmations of your worth. Every thread tells a story of empowerment, a celebration of the unique woman you are.

But true radiance extends beyond the garment. Enter Pedramin’s haven, a downtown DC sanctuary where stress surrenders to serenity. In the embrace of Soulex Float Spa, anxieties dissolve in the weightless embrace of saltwater, leaving you reborn. A single 60-minute float grants the mind four hours of meditative calm and the body six hours of restorative sleep – a luxurious reset so much needed in such a busy DMV area rhythm.

Her-Soul isn’t just a collaboration; it’s a revolution. It redefines “self-care” as a vibrant tapestry woven from art, therapy, nature, and wellness. Here, you surrender to rejuvenation, rediscover the intoxicating whisper of your sensuality, and rediscover the joy of rejoicing in your own skin.
Let your story unfold in layers of exquisite silk and the profound peace of weightlessness. Discover Her-Soul. It’s not just about what you wear, it’s about how you feel when you wear it. It’s about remembering that every facet of your life is a brushstroke on the canvas of your well-being.
Unleash your inner goddess. Embrace Her-Soul.

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