The Real Housewives of McLean’s Holiday Party

The Smith-Lasner residence was the setting for “Pink Elephant,” an event that
brought together the wonderful women of McLean. The event was marked by
a Christmas mood, signature cocktails, lights, and seasonal flavors.
As in every holiday party, a gift exchange had to be done, but let’s remember
that these women’s lives are full of creativity and fun, so they had to put
both into the evening with a White Elephant Gift Exchange. Definitely not a
traditional gift exchange; in this one, they could choose a gift from the pool or
steal an already opened one. As you can imagine, naughtiness played a role
in this game.
Between laughs, sparks, gifts, and, of course, glamour, the finest housewives
of McLean shared an unforgettable Christmas evening.

Pink Elephant – Gallery 1
Pink Elephant – Gallery 2

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