Taberna del Alabardero

If you’re looking for a true taste of spring, look no further than Taberna del Alabardero’s new spring tasting menu. It’s a beautifully curated tasting experience that captures the flavors of spring. Each dish showcased the season’s freshest local ingredients and beautifully brought out their flavor. The wine pairings for each dish complemented and further enhanced these flavors.

The meal started with Ostras Glazeadas that were baked to perfection. These oysters were juicy and and garnished with both subtly sweet spinach and smoky, savory bacon. This was all topped off with a touch of cream that added richness and depth. A 2015 Gramona Imperial Gran Reserva wine accentuated the oysters’ brininess and also had a crisp acidity that prepares the palate perfectly for the ensuing courses.

Next up was a Pâté de Pato, a decadent duck liver mousse. The pâté was rich and creamy, with a silky texture that melted away easily at first bite. The apple coulis provided a sweet and fruity contrast to the Pâté while the walnuts and raisins add crunch and chewiness balancing out the creaminess. A 2019 Casto Diva Cosecha Miel added floral notes and a touch of sweetness to complement the pâté’s richness.

For the main course, Halibut con Txangurro, a tender and delicate Norwegian halibut with a mild, slightly sweet flavor was paired with Basque-style crab meat stew. This was a true standout. 

The stew was tangy and savory. It had a rich tomato base with tender leeks that gave it a slight oniony flavor. One could detect a touch of paprika that added further depth and balance to the stew’s flavor. A refreshing glass of 2020 Dido  sliced delicately through the broth and its fruity notes complemented the halibut’s delicate texture. 

After such a delicate and complex dish, we relished the robust Costillar de Cordero Asado, a hearty yet simple domestic lamb porterhouse cooked to medium well perfection. The lamb’s bold and meaty flavor was balanced by an earthy and savory boletus mushroom puree. Crispy and salty potato shoe strings provide a perfect contrast in texture and added to the dish’s homeyness. An Abadía Retuerta Selección Especial from 2017 was the right pair for this dish; it takes a bold and robust wine to stand up to the lamb’s strong flavor and it did this very nicely while adding some dark fruit notes to the dish’s flavor.

And finally, an indulgent Milhojas with chocolate cream and roasted almonds was the perfect way to top off the evening. The puff pastry was flaky and buttery. The chocolate cream tasted thick and creamy, with a rich and indulgent flavor that was only enhanced by the almonds’ nutty flavor. Pair it with a glass of sweet Murillo Centenario and one can feel how its sweetness brings out the chocolate’s richness.

Overall, Taberna del Alabardero new spring tasting menu was a delightful way to experience the flavors of spring in a unique and memorable way. Each dish showcased the season’s freshest local ingredients while always being perfectly portioned to satisfy and yet leave you craving even more. The wines paired with each dish only added to this feeling and left one thankful that Spring was back and they could celebrate its return with such a fitting and truly unforgettable dining experience.

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