By Joni Foerter / Front Porch Furniture Rescue

Did you know that when you strip the finish off a piece of furniture you may literally be stripping away its value?  We receive so many calls and emails from customers asking for an estimate to refinish their furniture.  They are usually beloved pieces that have been in storage, passed down from a family member, or are currently being used and are a little worse for wear.  Imagine their surprise when we tell them that depending on what you are looking to achieve, furniture pieces do not actually need to be completely refinished or stripped and there is no reason for you to be paying the thousands of dollars some are quoting for your furniture to regain its natural beauty and luster.

If you’ve been in the shop then you have heard us say a piece of furniture does not need to be refinished, it just needs a Trifecta.  Regardless of whether we provide this service for you or you choose to DIY, Trifecta is a guaranteed bet to restore the beauty of the original wood finish and breathe life back into the furniture you love. 

What is a Trifecta? 

Trifecta [trahy-fek-tuh] noun

  1. Any achievement involving three successful outcomes
  2. A form of betting in which the first three place winners are selected in the correct order

Howard Clean-A-Finish for the Win                       

Step 1 involves removing the dust, dirt, grime and wax build up from all finished or unfinished natural wood surfaces.  Known as “The Soap That Gives Dirt a Little Lift,” Howard Clean-A-Finish does just that and more.  It’s also a great deep cleaner for neglected pieces of furniture that have years of buildup and stains. This ideal cleaner prepares wood finishes for Steps 2 and 3, polishing and waxing.

Howard Restor-A-Finish to Place Step 2 restores your furniture’s existing wood finish without the need to strip, sand or remove it.  Developed in 1969 as the “Flagship” product in the Howard Line, Restor-A-Finish was the idea of Douglas G. Howard when he was unable to find an answer to the question: “How can you eliminate blemishes in wood finishes and restore the original color and luster without removing any of the existing finish?” HowardRestor-A-Finish has a unique finish penetrating formula that restores wood finishes while blending minor scratches, blemishes and abrasions.  The original patina of an antique finish is maintained, as well as the character and the value of your antique pieces.  Choose from 9 different colors to match or change the finish you’re looking to achieve

Howard Feed-A-Wax to Show

Achieve that “just restored” look with Step 3.  Howard Feed-A-Wax shines and protects wood the finish while “feeding” dry wood to enhance the depth of the grain.  Over time, wood furniture, cabinets and antiques tend to dry out and fade.  Conditioning oils feed the wood while leaving behind a protective coating of beeswax, orange oil and an extra magical ingredient Brazilian Carnauba wax that polishes and shines.  

We believe in giving all your furniture a run for your money with our hands down favorite products, Howard Clean-A-Finish, Restor-A-Finish and Feed-A-Wax.  Three successful products on their own but when combined they are your best bet for one winning Trifecta!   

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