Holistic Health and Wellness Support, Right in our Neighborhood!

By: Katie Culligan

Integrated Psychology Associates of McLean

Integrated Psychology Associates (IPA) of McLean is a shared endeavor of Eva Theodosiadis, MD-FAPA, and Debra Brosius, PsyD to provide psychiatric and psychological services to the McLean community and surrounding areas. This Doctor Superteam established IPA in 2017. There are more than 25 years of combined experience between the two of them. They offer medication consultation, neuropsychological, psychological, and educational assessments. A variety of therapeutic services are offered at their practice as well.

Both Doctors’ goals when they began Integrated Psychology Associates were to be a community resource for kids, teens, and families in the McLean area as well as surrounding communities—a therapeutic “home base” of sorts. Together, they can provide medication, therapy, and assessment services to people of all ages. They also aim to provide education, support, and resources to those in the area to remove barriers and stigma associated with mental health.

They both find meaning in seeing their clients overcome challenges, recover and go on to achieve their goals while leading happy and productive lives. They find it validating when they see people prioritize their mental health and treat it equally important as physical health. Dr. Brosius states, “Mental health historically has been so stigmatized, especially in high achieving communities.”

IPA of McLean is small family-oriented practice. Often times, they see many people in the same family within the practice, which can be logistically helpful for busy families. They are also conveniently located in downtown McLean, so many teens can get here from their homes via walking or biking. “We strive to provide holistic, empirically based treatment to each individual. We work collaboratively with pediatricians in the area as well as school counselors and parents to optimize mental health.” Although they prefer to see people in person, virtual tele-health options are available as well.

Their work is typically very serious as people are coping with a variety of mental health diagnoses and stressors. However, they love to share in the joy of their client’s successes in overcoming challenges in their lives. They are also privileged to share in their client’s many transitions and milestones including winning at a sporting event, crushing a goal, graduation, college acceptance, marriage, and having their first child (to name a few). They love it when people send them updates about the positive impact the practice has had on their lives!

One of the highest honors is getting to see when they have made an impact across multiple generations of a family. “A few years ago, a young woman we had treated as a child returned to the area and brought in her child for care. It was a beautiful symbol of the passage of time, and of the positive inter-generational outcomes that are possible when we prioritize our mental health.”

Dr. Brosius is a McLean resident herself and has two teenage sons. She participates in many community events, like the McLean 5k, and enjoys attending and sponsoring the high school sporting events. She frequently volunteers at Share of McLean food bank and is also a volunteer with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

She emphasizes, “We are committed to nurturing the next generation of doctors and therapists in training and work together as an integrated team. We have many student doctors in training. Because we are an out of network practice, if costs are prohibitive you can consider working with one of our student doctors.”

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