Dr. Negar Tehrani

Catching up with Dr. Negar Tehrani at McLean Aura Dentistry

By Katie Culligan

You may remember Dr. Negar Tehrani and her beautiful family as our feature article from our December 2022 issue.

Let’s catch up with Dr Tehrani and McLean Aura Dentistry.

Dr. Tehrani established Aura Dentistry (now McLean Aura Dentistry) 14 years ago. At the end of 2023, she moved her practice to a new, more convenient location in McLean, on Whittier Avenue. Dr. Tehrani excitedly explains that this new location is actually easier to access as it is on the first floor and has underground parking.

When asked what brought her into this line of work she lights up and says, “I love serving people, improving their smiles while helping to build their self esteem and release pain.” She truly enjoys working with her hands, which can involve sculpting, painting and even carving teeth!

Dr. Tehrani states that the philosophy behind her business involves her treating everybody like family and “I would do [to my patients] what I would like to see done on my mother, father, sister or brother.” She emphasizes that it’s about patient care. She is not in the business of selling, she’s in the business of taking care of people. She elaborates that “being a mom starts at home and carries through my day to day” at work as well. She sees her practice as “healthcare with a touch of beauty and aesthetic”.

The Doctor’s biggest inspiration is her dad, both as a parent and as an entrepreneur. He’s been doing business in Iran (producing plastic from petroleum residues) for many years and is known for his honesty. She warmly expresses that he has inspired her to be a good person.

Dr. Tehrani enjoys the ability to take her time with her patients and often gets the pleasure of meeting the patient’s family, as this is a family dentistry. She says how nice it is to not have to rush through appointments, a feeling that so many of us know far too well. She boasts about her amazing team and their work life balance. “We know how to work hard and play. We do happy hours, lunches and even family events, because everybody here is also a mother.”

A memorable experience was recalled about the time a very frightened patient came in for a compromised tooth extraction. The Doctor had to sedate this patient due to the severity of their anxiety. When this patient awoke to see the new implant supported restoration, they couldn’t stop smiling while crying happy tears. That’s realtime validating feedback!

Dr. Tehrani’s favorite moment at her job was when her extremely dentophobic patient, who could not even sit on the chair or open her mouth, came back after her first appointment with beautiful drawings of her favorite animal, a sloth, along with a thank you note for making her able to finally see dentist without being so scared. The Doctor exclaims, “My heart filled with such an overwhelming joy! I realized once again, why I love what I do for living so much.”

Revisiting Dr. Tehrani’s family; her two girls, Sophie Grace and Harper Wyatt, are now respectively, in 7th grade at Cooper Middle School and 2nd grade at Churchill Elementary. She laughs that both girls sweetly offered to help her move offices. Her husband, Dr. Chang Yi, is still working at his own practice, Fairfax Corner Dental. Not to be left out, the two rambunctious Cavalier King Charles puppies, Daisy and Rosie, are a year older, and “much calmer”.

Dr. Tehrani affirms, “I love Mclean, it’s my home and where my kids go to school. I love to serve my friends and neighbors here. Not only is it my business, but’s where I live.” She appreciates bumping into her patients in the grocery store and downtown McLean. She strives to see all her neighbors and friends in the community being well cared for.

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