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By LIA HOBEL The Property Doctor

Ever have a damp, cold, or too stuffy feeling inside your home? Your house may not be operating as efficiently as it should. If you suspect this is the case and wish to evaluate your home’s energy efficiency, there’s a reputable company in Sterling that is ready to answer your call.

Comfenergy provides comprehensive, top-notch home performance solutions that cater to all your home needs. The company is co-owned by John LeVan, Justin Dobson, and Peter Walther, who also operate 3 Pros Basement Systems together.

The team starts with a meticulous and thorough whole-home assessment. No stone will be left unturned as they inspect every aspect of your property, from the basement and floors to the walls, windows, attic, and insulation. By methodically assessing the design and condition of your home, the team can pinpoint any potential deficiencies that could lead to various problems, such as uncontrolled air flow, poor temperature control, excess humidity, or even basement water problems.

Once they identify these issues, clients will be presented with home performance solutions. Each one will be designed specifically to ensure that their recommendations provide tangible benefits to homeowners. By implementing their expert recommendations, you can experience a significant improvement in the overall air quality within your home. Moreover, Comfenergy solutions also work to reduce moisture levels, minimizing the potential for mold growth.

Home Energy Audit

How does a home energy audit work? To start, Comfenergy experts will ask clients what results they’d like to have from working with them. “We use whatever the homeowners tell us as direction to search for potential root causes,” says Co-owner John LeVan. “Our Contractor Nation Certified Home Performance Experts will use thermal imaging cameras, smoke tests, and a blower door test to check the air flow in a home. They will crawl into a crawl space and visually inspect for poor insulation, water or excessive moisture, rodents, uncontrolled air vents, and sump pump performances.” The same goes for inspecting attics. They do a temperature test, an air flow test, check for poor quality insulation, and inspect the HVAC duct system for leaks or poor air flow.

Attics and Crawl Spaces

One of the most common problem areas is the attic and crawl space of a home. Comfenergy has an updated method for correcting these problems with a product called Tru Soft Cellulose Insulation. “There are multiple benefits of Tru Soft Cellulose Insulation. It covers more space and can fill into corners, gaps, and cracks where traditional batt-rolled insulation cannot,” explains LeVan.

Tru Soft Cellulose Insulation can easily be added to any attic space and is able to provide a higher R value (insulation rating/measurement). Tru Soft is also treated with borate, which is a human- and pet-friendly compound that naturally deters rodents and helps to prevent infestation. “Air sealing an attic is part of nearly every home project that we perform, and it is done with the use of Zyp Foam,” states LeVan.

Zyp Foam is sprayed into all small cracks, gaps, and light fixture seams where air can travel. Air sealing helps hold conditioned air heated or cooled by the HVAC system in the rooms below and in the attic, helping to keep those rooms comfortable and with more even temperatures.

Properly insulating a crawl space can improve the air quality in a home, reducing allergens and mildew. The team focuses on insulating the walls of a crawl space rather than putting traditional insulation below the floors above. Closing off open air vents in a crawl space and sealing the rim joists of the home with spray foam insulation helps eliminate the ability for eternal air and temperature to impact the condition in the crawl space and rooms of the home above.

Water and Dampness in Basements or Crawl Space

3 Pros Basement Systems is the area’s go-to for waterproofing and crawl space solutions that work. Having water or dampness within a crawl space or basement can affect an entire home, as it can lead to mold and mildew. “Whenever you have moisture and any organic material, mold can grow,” says LeVan, noting that half of the air inside a home originates from the lowest point of the home. “A wet basement or crawl space can therefore lead to poor and unhealthy air being breathed by the people living in a home. A wet crawl space can also lead to wood rot in the subfloor and frame of the home.”

The company is supported by Contractor Nation and utilizes over 40 products that are patented and exclusive to their network of dealers. “We have the resources and knowledge gained by over 30 years working in the crawl space and basement waterproofing industry,” says LeVan. “We offer a lifetime, transferable warranty for our home projects and offer annual service plans for our sump pump installations.”

Whether you believe you have an energy or moisture problem in your home or want to avoid a potential problem down the road, 3 Pros Basement Systems and Comfenergy are your local experts for diagnostic and preventative work. Contact them today to create a healthier and more comfortable living environment for you and your family.

Comfenergy (703) 783-9166

3 Pros Basement Systems: 1-800-638-7048 or

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