By Nyomi Fox

For high school athletes, especially those at a school as large as Langley High School, securing a position on a varsity team as an upperclassman is an achievement worth celebrating. Then comes the merit-based battle to earn a position on the starting squad, which is a much smaller portion of the overall team. But senior Brendan Mansinne is an exception, starting as quarterback for the Langley High School football team for the past three years. Starting on the varsity team, however, is not Brendan’s only accolade. He has earned First Team Liberty District Quarterback, Second Team All-Region Quarterback, and is a Washington Post All-Met Honorable Mention Quarterback. For those more interested in the nitty-gritty statistics, he has 21 touchdowns, 5 interceptions, 7 rushing touchdowns, and a passing completion of 70%. His current achievements are the result of years and seasons of tireless effort.

Brendan has been playing organized football since 3rd grade, back when physical size wasn’t as influential. In addition to playing for Langley High School, he also plays 7v7 for Northern Virginia Kings (Nova Kings). His coach remarked that Brendan’s off season dedication may be some of the best he’s seen in his entire career – which is over two decades long. When asked what he does outside of football, Brendan unintentionally corroborated his coach’s opinion, saying that he spends most of his time “working out, throwing, or studying film in order to put [himself] in the best position for the upcoming season.” But Brendan doesn’t just play for the rewards. He plays hard for his teammates and coaches “who put so much time and energy into every season.” Out of respect for the effort of those around him, Brendan doesn’t want to let them down. Knowing that playing the game of football may not last him into retirement, Brendan wants to optimize the time he is allotted. A player’s success doesn’t occur in a vacuum.

Brendan acknowledges that the support of the Langley community has contributed to his own success on the field. Knowing that his neighbors and friends are cheering him on fills him with confidence on the field. After winning the District this year, he was honored to bring it back to Langley. To those who are a part of this supportive community, Brendan says, “Thank you for believing in me.” All of his dedication to the sport has garnered the attention of college coaches. By this time next year, we will see this Langley alum playing on a college field.

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