Willka T’ika : Hope and Healing

By Lisa Kulak

Yulli Therapeutic Healing Center

If you want to see a shining example of the American dream, look no further than Yully Ludena owner and founder of the highly successful Yulli Therapeutic Healing Center. The Healing  Center is a hidden gem located in Mclean Va. The center was born out of Yulli’s passion for healing people- and not just one person- but an entire community! She and her therapists at the center truly believe that a healthy body and relaxed mind lead to a happy life. Yulli’s mission began early on when she came to this country at the age of 17 with a passion to heal. She set off to do so with 500 dollars and a massage table and a driving desire to help. 

In Peru’s sacred valley, the Willka Tika Luxury Hotel is a hidden paradise and surrounded by the Andes Mountains.

Born in Peru, Yully was exposed early on the ancient healing techniques practiced in her country. As a child Yully watched her mother suffer from debilitating migraines and went on a mission to help her. Learning all that she could about the human body she developed a deep driven desire to help others on their healing journeys.

This drive for learning brought her to the United States where Yully went on an even deeper quest. She was quickly able to realize the power of massage and how the techniques could do so much more than just provide relaxation. Massage offers profound healing benefits to the mind, body, and soul. 

And yes Yully still wanted to do more. “What can I do to help my clients beyond what we do at the center?” While the center offers a wide range of services from sports therapies, to oncology massage and lymphatic drainage techniques, Yully knew there was an even bigger picture. Seeing the post pandemic mental health issues and the stress her clients were under Yully vowed to do more. 

Having grown up in a small peaceful Peruvian village Yully beckoned back to her roots. A simpler life a slower pace, a different world really! And the dream was born.  

To feed the mind the hotel offers authentic Andean experiences including visiting Inca ruins, the seven chakra gardens and Machu Picchu.

In her birth country nestled in Peru’s sacred valley there was a hidden paradise. Surrounded by the Andes Mountains, Willka T’ika Luxury Hotel beckons like a siren song to world weary travelers. Please come visit, please come relax, and please come heal. Its a mystical location- an Eden. In this magical space a journey towards revitalization and renewal can truly begin.

This is a wellness retreat like no other. To feed the mind the hotel offers authentic Andean experiences including visiting Inca ruins, the seven chakra gardens and Machu Pincchu. Guests can arrange trips to winding rivers, local villages, and to the mountains which are sprinkled with herds of llamas and alpacas. 

To feed the body, Willka T’ika serves up an array of amazing organic, vegetarian meals- all sourced by local farmers- that provide a direct connection to the land. 

And for the spirit, he retreat hosts yoga and meditation sessions taught by local Andean healers who perform various healing rituals. Yully feels very strongly about the fact the retreat employs all local people. In doing this the Willka T’ika is giving back to the community and to the schools as well. 

So on the next leg of her mission Yully went to visit Willka T’ika to access whether it was the right fit for her clients. She spent a week in the retreat and fell in love, ” It was one of the best experiences of my life – I knew I had to get my clients here! I knew others needed to experience this for themselves! I knew I had to offer to others the magic I myself experienced in just a weeks time” 

Now the dream is real. Yully plans to offer the Willka T’ika experience to others – from September 3rd to the 10th of this year. For those who wish to experience the peace and the energy that surrounds this mystical spot, the opportunity is yours. If you are interested in joining Yully and her team this fall for this transformation trip please email her at info@yullitherapudic.com to lock in your spot. There are but a limited number of spaces available and they are already filling up quickly. 

You owe this to yourself- a once in a lifetime trip. Come experience the magic with Yully and her team!

Written by Lisa Kulak

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