Volunteering at Sri Siva Vishnu Temple

By Eesha Somasundar, Reporter

The 90’s were filled with the rise of Hip Hop, the fall of the soviet union, and the completion of The Sri Siva Vishnu Temple in Maryland.
The temple was built in order to bring awareness and comfort to all immigrants who believe in the Hindu faith. The temple is also welcome to people who are curious about Hinduism and want to learn more. “I have been working as a volunteer in the temple for more than 8 years.” Vijay Velurthi said. The temple has been accepting volunteers of all different ethnicities and ages for several years now. All the volunteers, also referred to as devotees, are happy to spend their time doing what they love, serving the community.

“I want to help other people. Community-wise, lots of immigrants need help and so the temple helps get people off the ground.” Mr. Velurthi names a few reasons why he loves to volunteer at the temple. This is prevalent with a lot of the volunteers as they value the interconnectedness of the neighborhood and the visitors that come.
“My favorite thing about volunteering at the temple is making lunch for the gods.” Ms. Madhuri, who has volunteered at the temple for 9+ years, comes every day because of her devotion to the temple.
The temple also helps the community as they hold classes free to the public. The classes are open to anyone of any age. Classes include SAT help, Yoga,

Spoken Samskrtham and more. Classes are either online or in person, ranging throughout the entire week. “Each day is a memorable and favorable moment to me,” said Ananth Iyengar, the manager of the Sri Siva Vishnu Temple. “[The temple] is a good place to work and volunteer and you will be serving the community.” Mr. Iyengar also jokingly adds, “You can also get some peace away from your busy life and problems.

Indirectly you will be a part of serving yourself as well.” “Each day you get to meet new people.”
The temple is a very welcoming place and invites anyone of any age or ethnicity to volunteer.

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