VINSON HALL Built to Last

By STEPHANIE LAWRENCE Vinson Hall Retirement Community

Trends come and go, but there are certain things that are built to last. Vinson Hall Retirement Community is one of those. For 54 years, this senior residential community in McLean has been a local legend, home to generations of military and government leaders and their families who served our nation. Since opening its doors, Vinson Hall has drawn remarkable, accomplished people to its campus, and that remains unchanged.

At the same time, VHRC’s ability to adapt and embrace change is one of the reasons the community has endured. What began as a residence exclusively for widows of naval officers gradually expanded to welcome ever-wider circles, opening up over time to every branch of the military and all government agencies in independent living, and to individuals with no military or government background in our assisted living and memory care communities.

This year, VHRC’s eligibility requirements have once again shifted. We are still a non-profit community with strong ties to the community of McLean. But now for the first time and in response to strong community interest, the board of directors has lifted the military and government eligibility requirement for its independent living apartments.

“Up until now, we often had to turn away people in the local community who didn’t have a military or government background, so we are excited to be able to serve more people with all that VHRC offers,” said Stephanie Lawrence, Senior Director of Marketing. “Our residents are also thrilled that friends who didn’t qualify before will now be able to join them.”

Vinson Hall’s secret to standing the test of time? Celebrating the legacy that makes this historic treasure in McLean unique—and embracing change.

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