Time For Sparkly Outfits

By: Cemile Calikskan


Christmas is almost here. It is time to take out all the sparkly outfits, given they are warm of course. Wondering what to wear and how to dress up for this Christmas can be one big challenge because you want to make sure you remain warm but look stylish at the same time.

How do you dress for Christmas?
You can wear almost anything because your look entirely depends on the colour scheme you go with. So do not be afraid to go for skirts, pants, jeans, blazers, skirts etc.

What should I wear to a 2022 Christmas party?
Rich textured clothing items are the best such as velvet, sequins, tweed and tulle.

What do you wear to a casual Christmas party?
You can pair some leggings with an sparkling oversized sweater or jeans with a comfy hoodie.

What should I wear to Christmas dinner?
A dark colored flowy or tight dress, either will work as long as you go for a bold look in the night. Do some smokey eyes along with it and slip on the highest pair of heels you own.

Can I wear black on Christmas?
Yes, in fact, black is a very elegant and classy colour to go with for Christmas.

Rosé Jacket photo
This eye-catching jacket is sure to turn heads when you walk in the door at any party. The tulle and leather hand made detail around really takes things to the next level.

Cashmere &fur coat photo
Any outfit becomes party-worthy once you add this red fur jacket. Bonus: You’ll be cozy, no matter how cold it is outside.

Ekol fur jacket photo

You can choose from five different colors that all have the same design.

Ekol blazer photo

Who needs a fireworks show when you’ve got this leopard sequin blazer.
With such an attention-grabbing blazer, you’ll want to keep the rest of your party outfit simple so this piece can really shine.

Sparkling blue sweater photo

This sparkling sweater comes in an eye-catching color so you can grab one for every party. Dress, leather pants which is so trending it, or with a skirt and sparkly jewelry, or keep things casual and cozy.

Lace dress photo
This eye-catching red cocktail dress is sure to turn heads when you walk in the door at any party. French Tulle detail really takes things to the next level. Available red, black, khaki, and green colors

Velvet dress

Kick things up with this sophisticated black dress. Nothing says “winter party” quite like a luxe velvety dress.

Leaves leather jacket

Everyone needs at least one leather in their closet. Its a statement piece that you can use lifelong time. Its genuine leather, hand-cut and hand stitched.

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