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In the world of luxury travel, staying up to date with the crème de la crème of hotels, tours, and travel destinations is the key to creating unforgettable journeys. One of the most common questions I get is, “How do you know the best hotels all over the world?” Keeping my finger on the pulse of the industry is not just a necessity, but a passion.

It starts by being well connected. As a member of every prestigious luxury hotel preferred partner program, including Virtuoso, Four Seasons, Impressario, Peninsula, Rocco Forte, and many more, I am at the forefront of the global hospitality scene. Through my exclusive affiliations, I have the privilege of staying informed about the best and newest accommodations worldwide. From the iconic glamour of the Ritz-Carlton STARS program to the unparalleled luxury of Mandarin Oriental Fan Club every program offers unique benefits and unrivaled access. By being a part of distinguished networks like SLH (Small Luxury Hotels), Relais & Chateaux, and Abercrombie & Kent, I gain access to hidden gems, distinctive boutique retreats, and exquisite culinary experiences that elevate your journey to a whole new level. My extensive affiliations also include renowned brands like Rosewood, Belmond, Oetker, Dorchester, Hyatt, IHG, and many others.

My primary mission is to curate exceptional journeys. To achieve this, I invest substantial time and effort into exploring and researching the finest hotels, tours, and travel destinations across the globe. By personally experiencing these remarkable places, I gain valuable insights that allow me to handpick only the best options for my clients. The entire team at Luxe Traveler Club is constantly traveling to scout destinations and sharing their insights amongst the team. Firsthand destination knowledge is crucial.

Additionally, building strong relationships with key players in the travel industry is paramount. My weekly schedule is packed with coffee, lunch, and dinner meetings with suppliers. By nurturing connections with hoteliers, tour operators, and destination experts, I gain access to exclusive industry insights such as new hotel openings and renovations, upcoming trends, and exciting opportunities. These relationships enable me to ensure that every journey exceeds expectations.

In today’s digital era, harnessing the power of technology is key. I leverage cutting-edge platforms, travel apps, and online resources that are exclusive to travel advisors to stay updated on the latest developments in luxury travel. From webinars to virtual tours and immersive videos to social media feeds and industry forums, I immerse myself in a digital symphony of travel inspiration and knowledge-sharing. This technology-driven approach empowers me to create innovative itineraries that resonate with the traveler.

Furthermore, I attend prestigious travel conferences and events. I actively participate in esteemed travel conferences, exhibitions, and events worldwide. These gatherings bring together leading minds and experts in the industry, providing a platform for exchanging ideas, discovering emerging destinations, and connecting with like-minded professionals. Staying present at these influential events positions me at the forefront of travel trends, ensuring that my clients experience nothing short of extraordinary.

In the ever-evolving travel landscape, adaptation is key. Fostering a culture of collaboration, I engage in constant dialogue with my clients, colleagues, and industry contacts. By listening attentively to their desires, preferences, and aspirations, I adapt my offerings to cater to my clients’ unique needs. This collaborative approach enables me to stay agile, ensuring that I always deliver unforgettable experiences.

As a luxury travel advisor, my unwavering commitment to excellence drives me to continuously seek out the finest hotels, tours, and travel destinations. By continuously traveling to top destinations, investing in relationships, embracing technology, attending industry events, and remaining adaptable, I stay at the forefront of luxury travel and provide my clients with experiences that are tailored to their desires.

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