By Eesha Somasundar, Reporter

Kelly Shi is a junior at Langley High School and is a member of the Langley Band. She started playing the flute when she was in 3rd grade and has enjoyed it ever since. Kelly reports that she feels like she has been playing music all my life. “My favorite piece to play is Carmen Fantasy,” by Francois Borne, she says.
Kelly loves playing the flute because she can feel the vibrations of the instrument, which she says adds intensity and passion to a melancholy or upbeat piece. She also enjoys the relaxing effect her instrument invokes as she plays and practices. “Sometimes when I feel stressed or overwhelmed, I play the flute to calm down.”
According to an article on CMUSE website, learning the flute can be difficult if students do not maintain your focus or dedicate the right amount of time to practicing what they learn. The challenges faced in the process will not only be technical but physical as well.
Kelly has exemplified determination and grit while playing the flute for eight consecutive years and continues to improve.

Kelly has learned from internationally renowned teachers and has participated in a wide variety of competitions, including the Marlin Engel Solo Competition and the Grand Metropolitan International Music Competition.
These forums aim is to provide the opportunity for developing musicians to test out and challenge themselves in supportive atmospheres. Kelly believes
that competitions such as these have encouraged her to sharpen her skills and improve her abilities in playing the flute.
The school band has allowed Kelly to create lasting bonds with her friends and make new connections. “Playing for the school band is the highlight of my day because it is such a community activity,” she says.

This year, Langley Band qualified to play at Carnegie Hall in New York, and Kelly was selected to go on the trip.
She remembers, “When I was there, I felt really special. I felt like all my flute playing had led up to playing at Carnegie.” She believes that the band worked so hard to prepare for the performance that it felt like a reward for all the time and effort they put into perfecting their art.
Kelly continues to pursue mastery of her instrument in the future and intends to expand her portfolio of music
pieces. She recommends that her fellow musicians follow her lead, though, and enjoy the process, saying, “my advice for people who are thinking of playing the flute is don’t stress out. It is supposed to be something fun, so don’t take it too seriously.”

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