Solidifying Relationships with Acupuncture

By Dr. Sarah Alemi / Eastern Roots Wellness

Who knew that needles and
relationships would ever be discussed
together. Yet, acupuncture has been
helping to bolster relationships for
thousands of years by helping each
person optimize their own physical,
mental, and emotional well-being.
Something to think about as we
celebrate Valentine’s Day this month.
While some of us might roll our
eyes at the saying “it is important . . .
.relationships with others.” Fortunately,
as just mentioned, acupuncture can
help with that in many ways.
One way is through emotional
regulation. The insertion of thin
acupuncture needles at certain
points stimulate the areas of the body
responsible for the production of vital
emotion-managing hormones, such as
endorphins. Assistance in the releasing
of mood-boosting endorphins results
in positive feelings and helping with
emotional regulation.
Relationships tend to fare better
between those who have an overall
positive outlook on life and make their
mental and emotional health a priority.
For example, acupuncture can not
only help with feeling more positive,
but it can help with mental-emotional
disorders such as depression.
Our mental health is also important
when it comes to the strength of our
relationships with others. As we might
be aware, Northern Virginia inhabitants
often find themselves dealing with
stress. Chronic or uncontrolled stress
can be disastrous for various types of
Luckily, acupuncture has been proven
effective in helping to regulate stress.
Not only can acupuncture help negate
the effects of stress on our bodies, such
as poor sleep, impaired digestion, and
irritability, but it can also make our body
more resilient to stress to begin with.
Said differently, we don’t get as stressed
as often.
Again, certain points allow the body to
regulate hormones as well as release
and regulate other important chemicals
and neurotransmitters. This leaves us
with a calm mind and feeling more at
This ability, in addition to aiding in
proper blood flow and circulation, has
a final physical effect on the body –
further bolstering relationships. With
increased circulation and an elimination
of feelings of stress, this allows libido
passion and feelings of intimacy to rise.
Even in non-romantic relationships,
acupuncture helps increase our overall
energy, allowing us to engage with
others – and in a more qualitative way.
If you’re looking to strengthen your
relationships this year, think about
starting acupuncture treatment. By
optimizing our physical, mental, and
emotional health, we can create vibrant
relationships with others.

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