Five Years of Supporting Little Bottoms with Fairfax Diapers

by SARAH SHAMAL / Social4Good

“Right now, nearly 75,000 Fairfax County residents are food insecure – and that means diaper insecure,” noted Christine Kenny, Fairfax Diapers’ founder, at S4G’s 5th Annual Diaper Sort & Social.

Our local community reflects a national trend: Nearly one in two American families experience diaper need. Diaper Need is defined as the lack of a sufficient amount of diapers to keep a baby clean, dry, and healthy.

A recent study by National Diaper Bank Network (NDBN) reveals that diaper need has increased sharply. 47% (almost half) of families reported diaper need in 2023, an increase from the 2010 study that cited one in three families struggle. This need causes multiple stressors – financial, personal, health – and is shown to intersect with food insecurity. More than a quarter of respondents (28%) who reported diaper need said that they skipped meals so that they could afford more diapers.

Four years ago, Ms. Kenny saw this need and launched Fairfax Diapers. The organization’s goal is to ease the challenge of diaper insecurity and to raise awareness of this need in our community. Fairfax Diapers has seen an increase in local need consistent with the NDBN study. During July 2019, Fairfax Diapers distributed over 7,600 diapers compared with 30,000 diapers distributed in July 2023. It has reached a milestone of over 1,000,000 diapers supplied to clients receiving food at Food for Others, as well as 10 other local nonprofits.

S4G members gathered September 20, during National Diaper Awareness Week, to sort and pack diapers and learn more about Fairfax Diapers efforts.  Many hands made for light work and the boxes of diapers were quickly packaged for distribution. S4G donated more than 100,000 diapers over the past four years and set a goal to donate 30,000 diapers this year to meet one month’s demand by local families. The continued support of S4G was recognized and celebrated throughout the evening.

“At Fairfax Diapers, we are dedicated to stepping up our efforts in addressing the issue of Diaper Disparity. We are a very grassroots organization and rely on community support. It’s a simple model, but it works. Social4Good’s five years of support has been impactful and we appreciate the dollars, diapers and time they have contributed.”

Through the generosity of S4G members and community, the group exceeded their goal and raised $5,185 in financial and in-kind donations.  The S4G drive will provide over 30,000 diapers so local babies have what they need to remain healthy.  Over five years, S4G has donated over $19,582 to support this Vienna-based organization. 

S4G is an all-volunteer, grassroots organization that brings together engaged women who want to meet new people and support the organizations that make our community strong. Each month, this column will highlight S4G’s monthly project to raise awareness on critical needs in our community and local nonprofits making a difference.

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