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By Sarah Shamlal


Social4Good (S4G) is an all-volunteer, grassroots organization that brings together engaged women who want to meet new people and support the organizations that make our community strong. Each month, this column will highlight S4G’s monthly project to raise awareness on critical needs in our community and local nonprofits making a difference. 

In August, S4G worked with Bringing Resources to Aid Women’s Shelters, (, to stock the shelves at local middle and high schools in time for back to school. Our goal was to provide at least one month’s supply of pads and tampons to ensure local teens can focus on academics instead of worrying about getting their periods and not having the products they need. Recognizing that period poverty and costs are on the rise, S4G surpassed this goal and raised $5,200 in in-kind and financial donations!

For many girls, having a monthly supply of period products, sports bras to wear to school, and more than a few pairs of underwear are luxuries. According to the Alliance for Period Supplies, 251,382 Virginians of menstruating age (12-44) live below 100% of the Federal Poverty Line. With menstrual supplies and undergarments not covered by social welfare programs, one in five residents lack access to the supplies they need. 

“We have a lot of emancipated students that live alone. These 

feminine hygiene products let them spend what little money they 

do have on food.”  Megan T., Food for Neighbors/Herndon High School

BRAWS serves 30+ Fairfax County public schools, supplying them with pads and tampons each month. BRAWS also supplies them with spare underwear so that students who get their period in school do not have to go through the day in stained underwear and worrying about leaking. These interventions keep female students from being absent from school one week each month because they do not have basic supplies at home. BRAWS also supplies schools with sports bras/bralettes so students can confidently participate in gym class.

S4G got together for friendly conversation and inspiration on August 30 at the home of a member to celebrate and learn more from Holly Seibold, BRAWS Founder and Executive Director. Holly shared how she first discovered the need for menstrual products and the organization’s impact and advocacy efforts to provide access to products and remove the state tax on purchases (This change is effective January 1, 2023). 

Until we destigmatize menstruation and eliminate barriers preventing full access to critical period supplies for all, women and girls will never achieve gender equality. Let’s change that together, today.” – Holly Seibold, Founder and Executive Director, BRAWS

​BRAWS ( is a 501C3 organization that provides menstrual supplies and undergarments to women and children in crisis, who do not have access to basic needs. Since 2015, through partnerships with shelters, schools, food pantries, and community organizations, BRAWS has distributed over four million pads, tampons, new bras, and underwear to women and children in crisis.

To donate to S4G and support local nonprofits, please visit For more information on Social4Good, please reach out to

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