Social4Good Helps Fairfax Diapers Address Diaper Need

By: Sarah Shamlal

Social4Good (S4G) is an all-volunteer, grassroots organization that brings together engaged women who want to meet new people and support the organizations that make our community strong. Each month, this column will highlight S4G’s monthly project to raise awareness on critical needs in our community and local nonprofits making a difference.

In September, S4G hosted their fourth annual drive to support Fairfax Diapers, (, during National Diaper Need Awareness Week. In the first three years, S4G donated more than 67,000 diapers. Recognizing that the need for diapers in Fairfax County is greater than ever, a goal was set to donate 25,000 diapers to stock the shelves with one month’s supply for local families in need.

While volunteering at Food for Others, Christine Kenny, Fairfax Diapers Founder, identified a need and over the past three years has distributed over 746,000 diapers through Food for Others and nine partner organizations! Diapers are a necessity for all children, yet, 1 in 3 families struggle with “Diaper Need”, defined as the lack of a sufficient number of diapers to keep a baby clean, dry, and healthy. With increasing costs and supply chain challenges, this number is only expected to increase.

On September 27th, S4G attended a Sort & Social to prepare diapers for distribution and learn more about the challenges faced by local families. We had amazing community support! Due to the generosity of our members and community, we exceeded our goal and raised $5,028 in financial and in-kind donations. Our drive provided 31,698 diapers so local babies have what they need to remain healthy. Over four years, S4G has donated over $14,400 to support this Vienna-based organization!

“With the support of partner groups like Social4Good, Fairfax Diapers has

been able to expand our distribution commitments despite challenges of

COVID, supply chain issues, and inflation. Our organization aims to fill in

the gaps for many families in our community struggling with poverty and

other external stressors which can extend the need for diapers.” – Christine Kenny, Founder, Fairfax Diapers

About Fairfax Diapers

Fairfax Diapers addresses a critical need in our community by raising awareness and easing the challenge of diaper insecurity. Vienna’s Christine Kenny launched Fairfax Diapers three years ago; since that time, they have distributed 730,000+ diapers. The Kenny family basement and garage function as headquarters, so there are no overhead or staff costs.

About Social4Good

Since 2019, Social4Good (S4G) has been inspiring women to learn about critical needs in Northern Virginia by partnering and supporting local nonprofits. Partnering with 29 nonprofits, S4G has donated more than $125,000 in their first three years.

To donate to S4G and support local nonprofits, please visit

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