By Sarah Shamlal / Social4Good

Social4Good (S4G) is an all-volunteer, grassroots organization that brings together engaged women who want to meet new people and support the organizations that make our community strong. Each month, this column will highlight S4G’s monthly project to raise awareness for critical needs in our community and local nonprofits making a difference. The Committee for Helping Others (CHO),, is an all[1]volunteer organization that helps the needy in Vienna, Oakton, Dunn Loring, and Merrifield, VA. CHO was organized in 1969 by a group of concerned churches and individuals in the area to provide simple, loving charity to those in need of goods and services they were unable to provide for themselves or obtain from government social service organizations. They support the community by providing: Emergency financial assistance Emergency food aid, Clothing, Furniture Emergency financial assistance, Meals on Wheels, Transportation For the first time since the pandemic, 178 local families with more than 300 children had the opportunity to shop in-person at CHO’s December 10th Holiday Store where they selected coats, clothing and gifts for their families. It was a group effort supported by many donors from churches, civic organizations, local employers, and individuals who showed up to volunteer at Vienna Presbyterian Church (VPC) for the event.

Over 300 seniors and those living on social security and disability received $50 gift cards. S4G worked closely with CHO to help stock and staff the Holiday Store. We hosted a coat and gift card drive and collected over 400 new or like-new coats and purchased more than 100, $25 Walmart gift cards for teens and seniors to use during the holidays and for ongoing programs. A social event was held at the home of Marcy Rehberger in Vienna to learn about CHO’s mission to support local families in need and sort the coats so that they were ready to stock the Holiday Store. S4G members delivered the donated coats, set up the event in advance of the Saturday shoppers, and staffed the Holiday Store to help shoppers find coats in their family’s sizes or escort families as they shopped throughout the Holiday Store. ” Having the support of Social4Good is amazing, both in the gift cards and stunning array of coats you donated, but also the cheerful energy you brought to help us prepare the Store and assist families while they shopped. You really lifted our spirits and made a difference for our clients.” Heather Glynn, CHO Board Vice Chair To learn more about Social4Good or to support local nonprofits, visit www.

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