ROWING RAPIDS: Lauren Rummler’s Crew Experience

By Eesha Somasundar

A slicing wind, budding trees, and oars cutting through the Occoquan River are just some of the spring sensations, sights, and sounds that Lauren Rummler, a junior at Langley High School, enjoys about her sport. “I decided to do crew just for the friends in freshman year and I am so glad I stayed in crew.” Lauren says it not only helped her make friends but is also helping her keep mentally strong as she progresses through high school.

Lauren is enjoying her journey as well as the process, as she continues to improve in her sport. “During freshman year,” she says, “I started as a Novice. At the end of freshman year, I received the Hammer award”, awarded to the fastest and most efficient Novice of that year. “I was also the Stroke of my freshman boat.” The position of Stroke is the leader of a team, meaning their rhythm sets the pace of the entire boat.

In addition to the LHS crew team, Lauren has honed her skill through the Thompson Boat Club (TBC) as well as the Occoquan Boat Club (OBC). At the OBC, it’s been a family affair, as she and her father rowed in a doubles boat together.

As crew is mainly a spring sport, Lauren utilizes her time during the fall and winter seasons to perfect her technique and stamina. “I practice five days a week
after school, and when the season starts I will be going six days and start missing school for travel to the rivers and back.”

In season, daily crew practice lasts approximately one hour and 40 minutes and is followed by weekly regattas, which are organized crew competitions for both men and women that can last for up
to two hours.

Last year, Lauren’s boat made it to nationals and was the first Langley boat of her level to qualify, setting precedent for competitions to come. “I’m very excited for this season. I think it’s going to be a lot better than last year. All of us have been getting better and I’m
confident that we are going to do very well at states.”

Good luck to Lauren and the rowing Langley HS Saxons!

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