Rising Tennis Star

By: Eesha Somasundar

The sound of the ball hitting Zosia Henryson-Gibbs, a promising tennis star with a bright future ahead of her, Only a freshman in Langley, Ms. Henryson-Gibbs, has accomplished a multitude of awards and rankings. 

“I’ve played basically since I was born,” Henryson-Gibbs says. Her mother was a huge advocate for her beginning in tennis. As a tennis player herself, she motivates Zosia and her older sister Kai to become better both on and off the court. 

“I started tennis because my mom made me, but I kept playing because of the clinics and people.” Henryson-Gibbs said. Zosia’s mom also has somethings to say about her aspiring tennis star. 

“[Zosia] has to play [Langley’s] ladder and see how it goes.” Mrs. Henryson-Gibbs said. It means Zosia will have to challenge her spot on the team since she is a freshman. 

“She’ll need to earn her place.” Mrs. Henryson-Gibbs puts it perfectly. Since Langley’s girls’ tennis team has gone to States multiple times, earning a spot on the team is very difficult. But Zosia’s experience and youth gives her an advantage over the other opponents, both Freshmen, and recurring upperclassmen. 

“My favorite thing about tennis is the time I get to spend with my girls traveling and watching them compete.” Mrs. Henryson-Gibbs said. Tennis takes a lot of time, especially when you’re playing in the high-ranking and stressful tournaments that Zosia is in, so having supportive parents who you can spend time with is a plus.

Tennis also teaches life lessons and skills that can be used in a person’s daily life. 

“[Tennis] helps you control your emotions and teaches you discipline,” Henryson-Gibbs said. Discipline and poise are crucial when playing at the national level.

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