“Pause, Reflect, and Redirect”

By Dani Banegas

I can still vividly recall the world as it was three decades ago when a research paper assignment meant heading to the nearest library to search for relevant information within extensive encyclopedias. In those days, conducting thorough research demanded a significant amount of time and effort.
Today, the world seems to be spinning ever faster due to technological advancements. Information is merely a mouse click away. Investigations and knowledge are accessible from the comfort of your screen, simplifying life in numerous ways. Technology has not only granted easy access to information for adults, teenagers, and children but has also opened a vast door to shadowy corners of the internet not appropriate for all ages. As parents, we now need to be concerned about what our children are exposed to on the internet. The most convenient approach involves utilizing parental controls that enable the direct blocking of web pages based on specific keywords of our choosing.

Contrary to popular belief, McLean teens Aahil and Zohran Valliani deemed parental control solutions ineffective and counterproductive through their personal experiences living with such controls imposed by their own parents. As a result, they concluded that it was more effective to foster encouragement and education among children to help them make better decisions.
This realization led them to establish Safekids, a platform that focuses on providing online safety for kids while they browse. Beyond blocking, this platform encourages and educates kids to make better decisions – designed and trusted by kids, backed by technology, and proven by science.

Aahil patented the mental health framework he calls “Pause, Reflect, and Redirect,” which transforms children’s behavior, teaching them to prioritize healthy internet usage. He’s worked to enhance Safekids to become a premier platform for ensuring the safety of children. However, he manages to maintain a typical lifestyle befitting his age, attending Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology as a student. Despite the busyness that comes with being an entrepreneur and high school student, he finds time to indulge in various activities. Aahil enjoys writing poetry, playing squash, chess, and being a member of the TJHSST lacrosse team.

Zohran’s passion for technology started in the early years; when he was 6 years old, he started writing programmatic code. He has advanced his skills by constructing machine-learning algorithms utilizing Tensorflow and Python and creating Chrome extensions using JavaScript and TypeScript on Node.js. His goal for Safekids was the development of software that prioritizes trust and communication within families.
Zohran knows that not everything is about coding; he also enjoys playing chess, squash, and the enchanting melodies of the cello.

The Valliani siblings have achieved something truly remarkable by redefining the concept of parental control. If you’re interested in learning more about how their approach works, you can visit Safekids.ai.

The Valliani Family.

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