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Artist Elena Fay

It is amazing how many people around us engage in beautiful, splendid, and unique pursuits. As September unfolds, I invite you to meet Elena, an artist who gives life to romantic events using colors and brushes.

Elena Fay is a fashion illustrator, live event artist and mom based in Maryland, US. She is a self-taught artist and entrepreneur who started her journey in 2013 by posting cute little sketches on her blog and Instagram. Back then, a few local boutiques asked her to sketch guests at their private events and Elena found her true love for live event painting. With a passion for creating unique and colorful art, Elena brings a fun and whimsical touch to everything she does.
As a live event artist, Elena paints at weddings, brand events and private parties, capturing the energy and vibe of the moment with her lively guest portraits or canvas painting. Live event painting is a unique and entertaining experience where Elena captures the magic of any event as it unfolds.

When she’s not painting at events, Elena can be found creating beautiful watercolor art for licensing on products like puzzles, fabric, and home decor. Her unique style is characterized by bold colors, playful patterns, and intricate details that make each piece a work of art.

With years of experience in the art world, Elena has developed a keen eye for detail, and she takes pride in creating art that is both beautiful and functional and brings pure joy to her clients. Whether she’s painting live at an event or creating custom art, Elena’s passion for art shines through in everything she does. Taking inspiration from her garden and everyday beauty, Elena’s work captures her subjects in a playful and whimsical manner, exploring bright colors and different textures. She spends her days trying to notice all the small moments of magic and bringing it to the pages of her sketchbook.
When she is not painting or designing, you can find her gardening, planning trips for her live events or baking while trying to keep up with her two little ones.

Ensure you seize the chance to support local artists and consider having her add detail to forever remember that special event.

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