I Am Letting You Off the Hook

This Holiday Season

By: Janine Frank – CEO & Co-Founder of 2 Health Nuts

And just like that, hello November! I feel like we just kicked off 2023 and now we are getting ready to ring in another year. Before we start singing “Auld Lang Syne,” though, I want to give you an early New Year’s gift…

I am letting you off the hook this Holiday season.

Don’t you feel relieved already?

Yes, I am giving you permission to “mess up,” and focus on letting go of the “all or nothing” mindset this season tends to bring. You know, that feeling of “I better eat all of the foods I know are (supposedly) ‘not good’ for me because, come January 1st, I am going to be super strict with pretty much EVERYTHING.”

Does this sound familiar?

Food can be a paralyzing thought, and one that can totally consume you; ultimately, “it” is one that can rob you of total joy and satisfaction. And let’s be honest – it can be a paralyzing thought 365 days a year but the holidays make it feel larger than life.

Why does it have to be “all or nothing?” Why can’t we have our pumpkin pie, and enjoy every bite, without feeling guilty…or weak? Guess what, you can!

How do we practice “navigating down the middle” with our lifestyle efforts, and never feeling like we are back at the starting line come January 1st?

Here are some of the very mindset shifts we, at 2 Health Nuts, coach our clients on everyday to help free the food FOMO, and focus on a life of abundance – not scarcity. Because life is too short to be worried about having a few bites of your favorite cookies this Holiday season.

#1: Perfection is a myth – as much as we may fight it, perfection is unattainable. We can try all day long to find the “perfect” plan but, at the end of the day, it is about doing the best you can and figuring out what works for you, and only you!

#2: It will always be about consistency – not perfection – to keep you on point with your lifestyle goals (ah hem, don’t let perfect be the enemy of good). Know that there will be days where sweets are calling your name, and other days where you cannot get enough of your protein and veggies. Investigate, learn, and navigate. Trust yourself and your process. For example: maybe you come to the conclusion that the day after a restless night of sleep you crave more sweets…or maybe you really do just have a sweet tooth. Remember, that’s okay – you are human! Instead of fighting it or “white knuckling” your way past the candy bowl, have a piece or two of your favorite. Savor each and ENJOY. By practicing this every day (and with any food that you feel is your vice or “controls” you), the urgency goes away and the enjoyment takes over.

Hence less control and more trust.

And doesn’t it feel better knowing you can – yes, you can– have a piece or two of your favorite candy every single day, rather than eating an entire bag in one sitting?

#3: Eliminate labeling foods as “good” or “bad.” The moment we start labeling foods this way is the moment we start judging our actions and behaviors. “I ate a piece of fruit today; this is on the ‘good’ list so I am doing good.” “I had a small piece of cake for a co-worker’s birthday. This is definitely ‘bad’ and, therefore, I am weak.” These are the very stories we tell ourselves and, in fact, these may be the very reasons why we feel the need to “have it all at once.”

#4: Be more trusting and less controlling. We live in a society where we are constantly searching for that “perfect” solution or “diet” to help us lose those last 10 lbs, or get those 6-pack abs you see on the cover models of fitness magazines.

Diets are the epitome of control, and we never truly learn about ourselves in the process. Trust in the fact you know what to do, for you. There is no right or wrong way. Be your own wellness detective. Figure out what foods make you feel your best, perform at your highest level, and what gets you closer towards your goals.

Because what happens when the diet plan we are following comes to an end? We once again become paralyzed with what to do and what to eat…and the cycle continues. By learning through trial and error, you are gathering the tools in your wellness toolbox to live a life FIT for you. Not what a magazine tells you, or what worked for your neighbor, or what your workout buddy shared with you during spin class.

That’s right – it is all about YOU!

#5: Get to “IT” first before “IT” gets to you. Okay, we have all been there. You know that feeling when you are SO HUNGRY that you don’t even remember what you ate (or how it tasted) because it was consumed so quickly. Not to mention the feeling you get afterwards – bloated, uncomfortable, and downright stuffed. This is a practice in learning to understand what it feels like to be both hungry and satisfied.

One of my business mentors in the industry, Jill Coleman, coined the term “preemptive cheats”as a great way to stabilize your nutrition. This is a wonderful strategy, especially this time of year, when your social calendar is filled with Holiday parties and events. A little something to “take the edge off” will keep you from going completely overboard. We have found foods with a higher healthy fat/protein content are the best for feeling satiated. Think assorted nuts, veggies & hummus, a few pieces of good quality cheese, nut butters, etc.

Remember, you can make cookies at any time you want, and the pumpkin pie ingredients line store shelves 365 days a year. Instead of thinking you only have 6 weeks to get it all in, why not think about it as having 52 weeks to enjoy all year long? Prioritize your lean proteins, complex carbohydrates (think veggies and whole grains), and healthy fats.

And, YES, I highly encourage you to enjoy those few bites of your Aunt’s homemade pumpkin pie!

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