How to Relax WhenTraveling with Children

By: Emmy Hoffmann / Luxe Traveler Club

The sun slowly rises, warming the room. I can hear the waves lapping against the shore. The smell of salt air fills my nose and lungs as I breathe deeply. I open my weary eyes to the surprising color of pastels. A soft blue wall with three white picture frames and blush mats, all showcasing different seashell drawings, takes shape in front of me. White seagulls soar past in the soft blue sky outside the French doors that lead to the wooden balcony on my left. Their hungry squawks whistle from their beaks. As a city dweller, waking up at the beach is one of the most peaceful feelings.
“OOF!” I’m abruptly jarred as a small knee slams into my gut. My son jumps on me as though I offer the same rebounding fun as his trampoline. I hear the shrills and giggles coming from my daughter’s mouth as her feet swiftly pitter and patter closer to my room. “It’s time to get up,” they excitedly shout. Before my daughter breaches the doorway, I begin my mental to-do list that will grow and rearrange itself throughout the day, encompassing all the things necessary to keep my children safe and happy. The absence of the familiar environment and routine of your own home coupled with the increased risk presented by proximity to pools and the ocean can be overwhelming. Ah, family vacation. When thinking about a family getaway as the mother of two young children, ‘relaxing’ certainly isn’t the first word that comes to mind. Brush their teeth and hair. Get them dressed. Feed them enough to ensure they have energy for a busy day, but not so much that they get sick while splashing about. Apply sunscreen, again, and again. Beach toys. Sunglasses. Hats. Snacks. Make
sure they stay hydrated. Keep them away from the side of the pool without floaties. Don’t let a wave crash on their heads. Catch them before they eat the sand. Stop for potty breaks. Watch out for runners and bikers. Stranger, danger.
How do I relax and allow myself to enjoy vacation while ensuring that they are safe and having fun as well? It seems an impossible feat. I suddenly remember that I don’t have to cook breakfast this morning. Breakfast will be served on the beautiful deck by the pool, and it’s free because I booked the resort through my travel advisor. Hooray! One item off my to-do list. Wait. I don’t have to reapply sunscreen because the kids will be at Koko Kids today, the incredible club designed specifically for them and their peers, and the staff will reapply the sunscreen. Another worry instantly eliminated. I don’t have to pack any toys or snacks because Koko Kids provides those. Check. I don’t have to stress about their safety for the next four hours because the trained and certified professionals on staff will make sure my
babies are safe and cared for. A deep exhale and sigh of relief. I am going to relax today. I am going to unwind and enjoy my vacation.

My children are going to have fun, make new friends, and be perfectly safe. A full-blown smile stretches across my face. I chose a resort with a kids’ club. This is what vacation is like at Eden Roc Cap Cana and many other resorts that share the philosophy that family holiday should truly be a vacation for all, not just the children. Kids’ clubs gained popularity in Europe across the past two decades as families realized they want to have children but also continue to go on luxury trips and relax. Thus, the kids’ club was born, and the concept is now spreading like wildfire amongst major hotel brands all over the world. A safe, sanitary space filled with activities, friends, and fun for young guests to enjoy. There are a variety of types of kids’ clubs; drop off clubs where you can leave your children for a full or half day; ecological clubs that operate more like classrooms to teach your children about the importance of our environment and caring for our surroundings; adventure clubs that plan excursions such as kayaking, tennis lessons, or wildlife scavenger hunts. Most importantly, while your children are learning and playing, you get much-needed time to yourself. If you like the sound of this, reach out to me and we can discuss what types of vacations you enjoy, and which resorts and kids’ clubs would be best suited to meet the needs of your family. Having access to someone with extensive knowledge of kid’s clubs is just one of the many perks of using a travel advisor.
I’m also able to add special VIP perks at our partner hotels, including a complimentary room upgrade, free daily breakfast, $100 credit to use towards food or beverage, early check-in/late check-out, free wi-fi, and more. I can plan excursions if you want to take a day trip, go out on a boat, enjoy a private tour, see your destination via helicopter or hot air balloon, etc. You get access to all of this when booking your luxury hotel with me, and I also have the resources to plan a custom itinerary anywhere in the world.
The best part is that booking through me will never cost more than booking your hotel(s) directly online. Contact me so we can plan your next vacation
or hotel stay. If you’re a parent, let’s find one with a kids’ club so you can have some down time to relax while your kids have the time of their lives!

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