How to Keep Your Dog Safe and Cool This Summer

By ANNIE DINEEN Owner, Fetch & Favor

Keep your pet cool this summer! Summer is heating up, and unfortunately, that can be hard on our four-legged family members.

Signs of heat stroke in dogs include excessive panting or drooling, increased heart rate, vomiting or diarrhea, and red gums on tongue – as it advances, it can include lethargy, confusion, weakness, and even seizures.

Fortunately, there are many great steps you can take to avoid your pup overheating this summer! Here are some of our favorite tips to ensure your dog can safely enjoy some amazing summer adventures:

-Take your longest or most strenuous dog walks in the morning or evening hours when temperatures are cooler.

-Mind the heat of the pavement! If it’s too hot for you to hold your hand on, it’s too hot for your dog’s paws.

-Make sure they have plenty of access to water, whether bottled on walks or outside while they play. Add ice to keep it cool!

-Feed them water-packed snacks like watermelon and berries (in moderation).

-Make sure your pet is groomed (as appropriate for their breed).

-Take breaks from outdoor play and make sure they have access to water and shade.

-Put out the sprinkler! Cool water on your dog’s coat helps them maintain a healthy body temperature.

-Put cool towels on your dog’s paws or dip their paws in cool water (not ice water).

-Don’t leave your dog in the car (even for just a few minutes!) or unsupervised outside.

Wishing your two- and four-legged family members a fun-filled summer!

PET BREED: Mini pomeranian
AGE: 6 months
PET OWNER: Mer Bechara

Photography by Stephanie Millner
PET NAME: Pisho (means cat in Persian language)
PET BREED: White doll-face Persian cat
AGE: 13 years old
PET OWNER: Sarah Farzayee

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