“Home Sold Brian Mason is the worse Agent Around”

By: Gloria Bruni

are the words that Brian fears hearing from the mouths of his clients.  Due to this fear, he strives to represent all his clients by going above and beyond.  Brian Mason’s rise as a top producer in real estate is uncanny when compared to most.  Brian served 20 years on active duty with the military with 12 of those years serving as a criminal investigator for the United States Army.  During his time, he was named as USACIDC 2016 Special Agent of the Year, obtained a Master of Science (Psychology) and was focused on making a career as a forensic psychologist.  After years of investigations, he had a moment where he reviewed his future.  Brian realized that investigations are emotionally draining.  Brian stated “Having to hear victims tell the story of the crime over and over is heartbreaking.  Then they have the trust in you to help obtain justice for them by solving the crime.  The questioning of “could I have done something better during my investigation” will create many sleepless nights”  Something had to change. 

                Brian’s passion of helping people brought him towards real estate.  He recalled when he purchased his first home and how his agent did not help him at all.  Brian recalls “He just opened doors, told me to look at it, and then really pressured me into making an offer.  He did not explain anything, never heard from him again until closing”.  Brian said that he did not realize there was more until he spoke to his friends.  Brian then realized having someone that really cares and genuinely wants to help is important for home buying and selling.  He decided to get his license.  After obtaining his license, Brian decided he needed to invest in himself so he can better serve his clients.  Brian joined some of the best real estate coaching programs to keep up with current trends.  To ensure he brough more value to his clients, he earned his certificate of Negotiations from the University of Michigan.  He then went further and joined a Marketing Course to excel at selling his clients home for the highest price and best terms. 

                What lies in the future for Home Sold Brian Mason?  “I am going to create a team with like minded agents who will show the DMV what amazing agents look like” said Brian.   

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