By Sonya Thott

Hello McLean Community! My name is Sonya Thott, and I am thrilled to be running for the McLean Community Center Youth Candidate position on their governing board as a sophomore at Langley High School. As a dedicated member of the community, I am passionate about promoting cultural diversity, inclusivity, mental and physical wellness, and giving back through volunteerism.
One of my key motivations for running for this position is to incorporate cultural diversity and inclusivity within our community. I believe that our community should be a place where everyone feels welcome and included, regardless of their background or identity. I have personally showcased my culture through dance and music, having performed at Capital One Hall to promote the global showcase of dance around the world. I believe that cultural diversity adds richness and vibrancy to our community, and I am committed to advocating for inclusivity within the governing board. I want to ensure that everyone has a seat at the table to learn, collaborate, and express their ideas, regardless of their background or perspective.
In addition to promoting cultural diversity and inclusivity, I am also passionate about mental and physical wellness. I understand the importance of holistic well-being in our community, and I have taken action to promote this among my peers. I have joined my fellow students in creating a yoga club at Langley High School, as I believe that everyone deserves to be free of stress and embrace healthy living.
Volunteerism has also been a significant part of my involvement within the community. I have participated in various fulfilling volunteer opportunities, such as working with the Girl Up club at school to provide resources for those who lack access to sanitary products.
I have also volunteered with Saxon Service, where I have helped make blankets for the homeless community. Giving back to the community is important to me, and I believe that volunteerism is a powerful tool for positive change. I am dedicated to continuing my volunteer efforts and making a meaningful impact in our community.
I am committed to being a positive, efficient, compassionate, and tenacious leader who works collaboratively to improve our community. I am excited about the opportunity to serve our community and make a meaningful impact, and I ask for your support in this endeavor. Together, we can create a community that is inclusive, vibrant, and thriving for all. Thank you, McLean community!

In addition to the youth candidates, there are nine more individuals vying for the position, showcasing the strong interest and engagement of the community in shaping the future of the MCC. Among the candidates, two youth representatives, one from the McLean High School boundary area and one from the Langley High School boundary area, will serve one-year terms, bringing a fresh and dynamic perspective to the Board.

If you want to read more about the MCC and the candidates running, check out: https://mcleancenter.org/2023- governing-board candidates/

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