HAVE A ROMANTIC Valentine’s Day!

By Dani Banegas

It’s that time of year again when romance is revived. There are many legends of how Valentine’s Day got started, but my favorite has to do with Saint Valentine, who was a 3rd-century Roman saint. He was martyred around 270 CE, and his last act was writing a letter to a beloved friend and signing it “from your Valentine,” which I consider the most romantic way to sign a love letter. Valentine’s Day is not only about writing letters, it is also about sharing special evenings with loved ones. The best part is how red fills the air with roses, hearts, and the spirit of love all around us.” Oh, yes, I am romantic. Valentine’s Day is not for everyone, but whether you are a Valentine’s Day super fan or not, it is coming, and you can’t avoid it. And believe it or not, your partner and your friends are expecting something special from you. Don’t worry; McLean Living is here to the rescue. We’ve wrapped up some of the best restaurants to make the most of this day. Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday this year, our area has plenty of restaurant destinations to make every celebration special.

Our first recommendation is Aracosia McLean, where the dim lights and coziness make the perfect mood for an intimate dinner. The menu offers a variety of dishes, which is perfect for any couple with different tastes and preferences. Aracosia’s wine list boats a variety of wines, and if cocktails are your preference, Valentines Day is the perfect time to order their “I’ve Lost All My Strength, But From Your Power I Am Able” specialty mixture of bourbon, bitters, cherry preserves and grapefruit zest. Expect a pleasant evening with good service and excellent food.

Another fantastic restaurant not far from you is Circa, in The Boro at Tysons, is a modern-smart casual bistro if you’re in search of a vibrant, romantic dinner. They have a special menu for the holiday, starting with a delicious appetizer, an exquisite entrée, and for the end of the night, a sweet desert. The warm and genuine service at Circa is sure to make for a heartfelt Valentine’s Day!

If you are looking to set an Italian mood to the night, we recommend Maggiano’s Little Italy you’ll feel like you’ve stumbled into a little corner of Italian. “That’s Amore” is the name of the special menu they’ve prepared for that night. But I believe the most romantic Italian dish is a classic spaghetti and meatball served with a glass of pinot noir, or maybe a glass of the famous Maggiano’s Italian Sangria.

Our final restaurant suggestion for Valentine’s Day is Wildfire Tysons, which has a cozy, luxurious ambience. This is just the place if you are looking for a perfectly charcoal-grilled steak and surprisingly delicious cornbread. Wildfire will be offering their dinner menu that you can enjoy all day and a special Valentine’s menu that includes their famous dishes like shrimp cocktail and wildfire chop salad. For the main course, I will suggest a parmesan-crusted New York strip steak, and to add some Valentine color to the night, I would suggest a red velvet cake. Remember to accompany this great dinner with just the perfect wine.

If you follow our suggestions, you are sure to have a special evening with that special someone. We have nothing else to tell you but to wish you all a romantic Valentine’s Day from the McLean Living family.

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