Getting Started with the RIGHT REMODELING PARTNER

By: Stephen Scholl

As remodelers, we know that when it comes to a project you’ve been considering, getting started can feel like the hardest part. That’s okay! First steps usually are. Thankfully, you won’t be taking them alone. The first step toward your successful remodeling project and great client experience is finding the right fit in a renovation partner.
Unsurprisingly, that first step is also the most important. Your overall experience from design through completion and beyond is directly related to the person and company with whom you choose to partner. We’ve heard enough stories to know that not every contractor is suited for every project. The key to
this approach is finding the right team based on your scope of work, timeline, budget, and appetite for risk.
First and foremost, it’s important that the sophistication of the contractor matches the complexity and scope of your project.

Additions, whole-house renovations, kitchens, and primary baths are complicated. For these kinds of projects, consider how involved you want to be in the day-to-day logistics. Larger projects require management of the many onsite workers and
responsibility for minimizing impact on your neighbors. Ask yourself what type of care and support you’ll look for during the remodel as well as a year or two down the road.

Start by calling a company known for the work you’re looking to do at your home. Describe your project and communicate your priorities for the remodel.
Then, expect a 15 to 30-minute chat by phone where you can go into greater detail about your project and budget goals. This brief chat allows both you and
your potential partner to properly prepare for a first meeting in your home.
Before the in-home consultation, consider creating a Needs, Wants, Someday list. What projects need to be done? What would you want to have done if there’s money left in the budget? And what are dream projects for someday in the future? Focus on the challenges you’re experiencing, not the solutions.
Fully understanding your home and expectations for it helps to better inform that first meeting.
Plan to give the in-home consultation 60 to 90 minutes of your undivided attention. This should give you ample time to discuss project and process, ask your toughest questions, and share your ideas and inspirations from magazines and sites like Houzz. The goal of this first meeting is for you to get the answers you need in order to evaluate the company and person
you’re considering. This straightforward approach encourages a collaborative partnership designed to benefit all involved.
You and your home deserve the best remodeling experience possible and choosing the right fit in a renovation partner makes every step count.

Stephen Scholl is an Owner and Project Leader with BOWA in McLean, VA. You can reach Steve at or (571)-395-2459.

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