Feel More at Home


By RACHEL BROWN The Property Doctor

For many homeowners, updating aspects of the
loor plan, landscaping, or décor is a regular part
of home maintenance and enjoyment, but far too
many homeowners assume that they can’t make
similar modifications to the comfort and energy and
eficiency of their homes. Thankfully, there is no need
to settle! Comfenergy and its sister company, 3 Pros
Basement Systems, were founded to help homeowners
achieve these goals. For over ten years, they have
been improving quality of life and property values
throughout their large service area.

The goal of both companies is to make homes in
the Northern Virginia area more comfortable and
energy efficient, and to truly solve any air quality
and unwanted, crawl space or basement water issues
that a home may have. Their mission grew out of the
recognition that many home service providers were
not offering solutions to actually solve the root causes of many home performance issues. When providers only address symptoms without resolving the underlying problems, it leads to a continued cycle of costly repairs that can cause property owners to eventually just give up.

That is why, after many years in HVAC and home restoration, the founders of Comfenergy and 3 Pros Basement Systems stepped into the underserved field of “home science,” and they are passionate about home performance — improving air quality, health, energy efficiency, and even property values for the homeowners they serve. The three co-founders refer to themselves as the “Home Comfort Guys,” and their mission is to “create comfortable, energy efficient, healthy home and work environments by providing value through people, products and processes.” The companies have won numerous awards for their products and services over the last ten years, including being named Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year in 2019 and ranking in the top 5000 fastest-growing private companies in the nation in 2020. The professionals at each company pride themselves on the value they bring and are proud that many of the services they offer pay for themselves within a few years thanks to the energy savings.

That moment when clients can feel and see the difference in their homes is what keeps the team at Comfenergy and 3 Pros Basement Systems excited about what they do. They appreciate all the feedback and success stories they hear from clients, and they are always eager to speak with potential new clients about the possibilities for their homes. Marketing Manager Dan Bomar shares that, “Every home in Northern Virginia could benefit from one of the dozens of products and services that we offer.”

For property owners interested in what Comfenergy and 3 Pros Basement Systems can do for your home or business, the first step is to visit their website for a free estimate. While on the website, you can scan the full range of products and services they provide as well as view before and after photos, case studies, testimonials, and more.

Comfenergy and 3 Pros Basement Systems employ more than fifty staff members, each of whom exemplifies the company culture of service by volunteering in their Northern Virginia communities: organizations such as rotary clubs, local chambers of commerce, youth sports coaching and sponsorship, local schools, and many more. They are a family- and pet-friendly company. In fact, it’s not unusual to meet staff members’ pets or children when visiting their offices. Often, pets and children are even featured on their websites’ “Meet the Team” pages.

The “Home Comfort Guys” would love to serve your family as well and to help you feel more at home … at home!

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