By: Katie Culligan

Ezequiel Alvarez

Falcon Roofing and Solar is a locally based military veteran owned and operated company. The business aids homeowners in obtaining roof replacement, through insurance, after storm damage. They also offer direct wholesaling of solar panels (total solar solutions) replacing existing energy bills with a lower solar bill.

The owner, Ezequiel Alvarez, who goes by Zeke, started this company in 2020. He originally was a sales rep for another company, but noticed that they weren’t treating homeowners right and it made him feel unethical. He is retired from the Army after 20 years of service, so ethics mean a lot to him. He explains, “In this game, there are a lot of estimates and you don’t know who to trust, so I want to provide customers with the same type of values as the military.”

The very personable Zeke, and his company, make an effort to look at things from a homeowner’s point of view. They have the knowhow to accomplish big home improvement projects, without digging into owner’s pockets. Zeke’s business mantra is, “Think of yourself as if you were in the homeowner’s shoes”.

His words to live by are: Integrity, transparency and honesty. He emphasizes that word-of-mouth is everything and understands that the best leads are from homeowner referrals, so you must do right by people. He and his company make it a point to educate the homeowners through the whole process. The satisfaction from homeowners about Falcon Roofing’s follow-through and customer service provides Zeke with the validation of knowing he’s helping achieve their company goals.

The company personnel itself is comprised of ten others, who Zeke calls “leaders” rather than employees because as he states, “I’m nobody’s boss.” He makes sure to train each person carefully before sending them out on projects. He keeps his star-powered team in close communication with consistent check ins. He comments that workdays are built on spiritual and mental fitness as it aligns with their core values. There is also a “healthy competition within the business to make each other better” which translates to a constant uplifting of brother-sisterhood with the whole team.

Zeke mentioned, you never know who you’re going to run into in McLean and that Falcon Roofing often services well-known clients in the area. However, most of the time when they get calls, they don’t know that they’re dealing with “stars.” One time, Zeke sent out a sales rep that had no idea that the client was a very well known football player. Because the company treats every person like they’re special, said football player was shocked to learn that the celebrity treatment he was getting wasn’t actually because he was famous.

Zeke has three kids, a 14 year old daughter and 10 year old twin boys. He cherishes teaching them about the business and offers to take them to every job site, if they want to come. He loves seeing his daughter progress to be business-minded. At home, the family often cooks together, starting from researching various new recipes, to actually crafting handmade pasta!

Falcon Roofing and Solar is involved in sponsoring soccer teams and sporting events. They also provide leadership summits for small business owners. Zeke believes in the importance of leadership training and mentoring as it advances good values. He simply states, “Provide the world with something that it needs in the future and present transparency in how you do it.”

In his parting thoughts, Zeke hopes to continue providing service to the McLean area. Since it’s such a close-knit community, he wants to do business the right way and supply value and transparency to the area to carry on the trust of the good people of McLean.

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