Clean Lines

By: Miriam Keliddar

Master Auto Detailing, LLC

Alexander Garcia didn’t know how to drive when he arrived in the US at age 18. He was born in Copan, Honduras, and his family owned cattle, but never a car. After working for two years and saving carefully, Alex purchased his first car, realizing a childhood dream and kindling a passion for automobiles. Alex took a job cleaning cars and learning to detail for a prestigious company.

Alex was enjoying a coffee during his break when a well-dressed man interrupted to ask if Alex did home visits. Alex replied he could come by on Sunday, and found himself at a beautiful home in McLean holding the keys to six luxury cars. After 12 hours of washing, brushing, and polishing, Alex decided he’d spend all his free time earning money to start his own company. In less than three months, he was detailing everything from Corollas to Ferraris.

Alex has now been in the business for 16 years. He is the proud owner of Master Auto Detailing, LLC, renowned for the quality of their work and attentive customer service. Alex still loves automobiles. He views car detailing as an art form, and relishes bringing cars back to life and letting the owner experience that new car feeling all over again. His wife, Alison, and their two sons inspire him to continue growing and improving the business. “They are my motor!” Alex says with a grin.

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