Business Women of the Year: Anna Gibson

By Sydney Phommachanh

Anna Gibson, the owner and chief designer of AKG
Design Studio

Anna Gibson, the owner and chief designer of AKG Design Studio, has been honored with the prestigious title of Business Woman of the Year. This esteemed award recognizes Anna’s outstanding contributions to the design industry and her unwavering dedication to community development.

At AKG Design Studio, Anna is not just a leader; she is a catalyst for excellence and compassion. Her commitment to fostering a team environment where innovation thrives and giving back to the community is at the core of AKG’s values.

Beyond her design prowess, Anna is deeply involved in initiatives that empower aspiring entrepreneurs, particularly students. As an advisor for the Tower Club’s Jumpstart program, Anna provides invaluable mentorship to young minds, guiding them as they navigate the complexities of starting their own businesses. Her passion for mentorship has helped numerous students turn their ideas into successful ventures.

Reflecting on her accolade, Anna humbly attributes her success to the collaborative spirit of AKG Design Studio. “This award is a tremendous honor, but it truly reflects the collaborative spirit at AKG Design Studio,” Anna remarks. “We believe that success is measured not just by profits but also by the positive impact we have on our community.”

Anna also extends her gratitude to her supportive husband, acknowledging his unwavering encouragement. “And a huge thank you to my husband, who, in his sound mind and body, decided to marry the girl who loves volunteering, giving me incredible support to do this work,” she adds with a smile.

About AKG Design Studio:

AKG Design Studio is a boutique interior design studio specializing in residential and commercial design. Serving Northern Virginia and beyond, the AKG team believes that luxury is not just what you see but what you experience.

The company is known for its innovative award-winning designs, client satisfaction, and focus on exquisite yet sensible spaces that reflect the interests and lifestyles of our accomplished clients.

Beyond their design achievements, AKG prioritizes social responsibility, encouraging volunteerism, and actively participating in community initiatives.

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