A Look Whatʼs Retaking Center Stagein Furniture Trends for 2023

By JONI FOERTER Owner Front Porch Furniture Rescue

Weʼre all for timeless design. Incorporating a trend thatʼs well, maybe nothing new but itʼs new to you, can refresh your space!


This textural white fabric is still having its moment as it lends itself to an array of furniture styles. Curved and modern furniture goes really well with this fabric. Update your traditional style with reupholstery or adding in throw pillows. Going coastal?
Boucle looks great on your counter or bar stools. Using boucle in smaller doses, think chair seats, counter or bar stools, ottomans and throw or lumbar pillows, can be just enough to refresh your space.


Today our homes are an inviting space used for relaxing and socializing. Incorporating a furniture piece or two with full-on or gently rounded curves or waves softens the overall look of all the straight hard lines. A curved sectional or swivel tub chair may be the first pieces that come to mind and they just might be the right choice for some living spaces. However, subtle curves are timeless. Think about a bu et console with a slightly curved front, a wavy front console or a curved-corner co ee table.


This is a shape that is very adaptable to many furniture styles and types. Capsule coffee tables are great for those with young children. A small capsule table would fit anywhere. Perhaps you’d prefer this shape in a mirror or upholstered ottoman.


Multiple coffee tables or ottomans can give you options and help you adapt to different needs. Not every room warrants a large coffee table. Doing multiples can solve that dilemma. If you need to fill up a room, two long ottomans can be pushed together or
spread out, whatever is needed. Three smaller accent tables could work well as coffee tables with a sectional sofa. Tables designed to nest together offer flexibility and can be broken up and used in different seating areas if needed


Wood burls are external knots or growths on trees that form intricate wood grain patterns. The random wood grains create denser, stronger wood that’s ideal for furniture and highly prized for its beauty. Trees
form burls when they experience some type of stress or injury. Although created out of trauma, burl wood evokes intrigue and drama. Like a precious geode, the appeal of burl wood becomes apparent from its interior. On the inside, burl wood features swirling, knotted, kaleidoscopic, or other organic wood grain shapes that catch the eye and add a unique look to the wood furniture. Small burl wood tables fit any style, traditional, modern, and anything in between.

We continue to make more mindful choices as we look into how we can do our bit for the environment. This includes continued efforts to make environmentally conscious decisions in our homes from green energy to paint, furniture and accessory choices. The importance of sustainability has us moving away from fast-furniture and investing in designs that can truly stand the test of time, from the use of wood to furniture crafted from recyclable materials.


As we approach our lives in a more sustainable way, it is no surprise that vintage, pre-loved furniture is having a welcome resurgence. While the cost of living continues to rise, there is a realization that you can get better quality and unique pieces at a fraction of the price, all without an environmental price tag. Supply chain issues are still at play, so it has become a quicker and more efficient way of purchasing for our homes.
There is also a resurgence of antique sourcing, repairing, reclaiming, restoring and upcycling. Considering what you already have and reworking it in a different way can be more rewarding and personal.


Carefully considering every single piece of furniture in our home establishes a more individual and collected look. An elegant blend of the old with the new creating a unique union of styles and themes. Over the last decade there has been a pattern of trends being influenced by historical references. As this continues, vintage integrates with contemporary design aesthetics to create one cohesive scheme throughout a room or your home.


Due to the versatility and ability to customize, painted furniture is still at the forefront of design. Paint lends itself to the classic look of a more traditional home as well as more modern, linear designs. The advantage is the limitless choice of colors allowing free reign to express yourself whether period or contemporary, farmhouse or urban. You can always repaint to change the color or update later on.

Looking to refresh your space? Visit us at The Furniture Rescue and let us help you blend a trend into your world. Check out our on-trend furniture pieces and paint colors. After all, anything old can be new again!

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