In a world where the spirits industry has long been dominated by men, 1953 Tequila emerges as a beacon of empowerment, led entirely by women.
This extraordinary venture began with a serendipitous intersection of journeys, weaving together the paths of Lindsey Davis Stover, Alison Kiehl Friedman, and Shivam Mallick Shah. Originally political rivals in Virginia’s 10th district congressional race, Lindsey and Alison forged an unlikely friendship amidst the competitive landscape. United by shared values and a vision for positive change, they joined forces with Shivam to create a company that not only champions women’s leadership but also seeks to make a meaningful impact on society.

Central to 1953 Tequila’s ethos is the celebration of women’s resilience and determination. The name itself, inspired by the year 1953, when Mexican women gained the right to vote and run for office, pays homage to the courageous trailblazers who paved the way for equality. With each sip of their ultra-premium tequila, the founders raise a toast to the indomitable spirit of women worldwide.
From its inception, 1953 Tequila has been committed to female leadership at every level. Partnering with a unionized, female-run distillery in Mexico, the company ensures equitable practices, including fair wages and comprehensive healthcare access for all workers. This commitment extends to supporting local organizations driving positive change within their communities.

Despite initial skepticism, the founders remained steadfast in their pursuit of a partner who not only shared their values but also excelled in producing an exceptional product. Their perseverance paid off when they connected with a family-owned distillery led by Adriana Lopez, a visionary matriarch breaking barriers in the traditionally male-dominated tequila industry.
Beyond crafting award-winning spirits, 1953 Tequila is on a mission to pave the way for future generations of women in business. By sharing their journey and supporting women’s initiatives, they seek to make the path to success a little easier for those who follow.

The impact of 1953 Tequila has been nothing short of remarkable. Recognized as the “Best Additive-Free Anejo Tequila” by Men’s Journal and featured on The Today Show, the company’s achievements are a testament to the transformative power of female-led innovation.

As 1953 Tequila continues to challenge traditional norms and inspire change, their message rings clear: empowerment knows no bounds. With every bottle sold, they are not just crafting exceptional spirits but
also paving the way for a more inclusive and equitable future.

Follow their journey on Facebook and Instagram @1953Tequila, and experience their exceptional tequila at select retailers and online through their website.

Cheers to the trailblazers!

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