10 Tips on How to Avoid Murdering Your Spouse During the Home Buying Process


By: Brian Mason / Signature Move Real Estate

The home-buying process can be stressful and complicated, often taking a toll on the marriage of a couple. I have had spouses throw items at each other;
taking off and leaving the spouse at the viewing without a vehicle, or calling their mother on speaker phone to tell them how horrible of a job they did at
raising their child! So I have learned, through many trials and tribulations, some simple tricks that may help You Lovely Couples become another Statistic!

1. Set Expectations – Before searching for a dream home, be sure to set realistic expectations that both parties can agree on. Discuss and agree on the features you’re looking for in a
house – such as size, location, budget, style, and more – so neither party feels like their opinion is being overlooked or overridden by the other.

2. Agree On Finances – Decide how much you’re comfortable spending and make sure it’s within your means; this includes not just the down payment but also all future costs of mortgage payments, insurance, maintenance, and more! Being upfront now about these details can help keep stress levels low when crunching numbers with potential lenders later on.

3. Take Breaks – Throughout the process, if things start to get heated surrounding disagreements about certain aspects of finding a home together take some time away from each other directly afterwards in order to clear heads so rational decision-making can continue when back out continuing their search!

4. Encourage Compromise – It’s important to remember that compromise between partners is essential in order to find success during this process; one person may have an ideal vision while another wants something completely different—try your best to meet somewhere in the middle!

5. Keep Lines Of Communication Open – Maintaining open communication between partners helps create an environment where both feel equally heard throughout any conflicts that may arise regarding their shared search for a home; even if one partner is ultimately left disappointed they should at least know why the final decision was made!

6. Have Fun With It – One way to make sure no feelings get too hurt over disagreements is by trying to create an enjoyable experience through humor jokes that can help ease tensions between both people towards any controversial topics surrounding what kind of house they want together!

7. Make Time For Each Other- It’s easy to forget about romance during this hectic time so try hard not to forget about each other entirely throughout the entire process; make plans for small adventures or dates involving just both of you which will help lighten spirits affected by stress over searching for homes!

8. Remain Respectful – No matter how much someone disagrees with their partner’s choices
concerning houses always remain respectful towards them—this applies both mentally and
verbally (no name-calling!) so relationships never get strained beyond repair due needless
insult or misunderstanding!

9. Avoid Nitpicking – If there are certain cosmetic or material elements of prospective homes one partner doesn’t necessarily like it’s important not to nitpick every single detail as often times decisions made quickly (or impulsively) aren’t necessarily wrong—trust that instincts will lead couples down paths conducive towards having successful relationships amidst difficult choices needing to be made along the way!

10. Coordinate Professional Help As Needed- Last but certainly not least if disagreements become too polarized then feel free to consult professional advice which could ultimately provide necessary insight into the best move forward besides separating yourselves further apart emotionally and physically amid confusion over the right course action take next situation marriage arises again during purchase process itself …only then true resolution possible achievable reasonable timetable!

If all else fails, remember what my granddaddy once told me about buying a home as a couple “Candy is Handy, but Liquor is Quicker”. Thanks, Grandaddy.

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